Ram Rider

Ram Rider

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“Her bola snares enemy troops while Ram heads for the nearest building! Rams and Hogs don’t mingle at parties…”

The Ram Rider card is unlocked from Hog Mountain (Arena 10) or a Legendary Chest. It spawns a moderate-high health woman riding a ram. The Ram itself targets buildings while the Rider only targets troops, rooting them. A Ram Rider card costs 5 Elixir to deploy.

  • Ram Rider’s snare will prevent wind-ups, spawns, and charges such as Bandit, Witch, and Prince. However, snares do not stun so Sparky and Inferno Dragonwill still destroy her.
  • Just like any other ranged unit, Ram Rider will target the nearest valid target. However, Ram Rider is unique in that she will prioritize non-snared troops over snared ones – even if they are on low health.
    • She can very easily keep 1 or 2 troops snared but struggles with 3 or more.
  • Ram Rider’s snare does not prevent troops from attacking. This makes ranged troops like the Electro Wizard strong counters to Ram Rider. However, short-range troops like Sparky will not attack Ram Rider until she runs into range.
  • Snared melee troops can still attack her, although she can easily run past them. You can prevent this by placing the troop near the Ram Rider’s destination. However, your defending unit can be pushed out of range by Snowball and Ram Rider’s snare will prevent them from reengaging.
  • The Ram Rider can easily shut down tanky troops such as P.E.K.K.A. The rider snares them, rendering them immobile.
  • The Skeleton Army and Minion Horde can completely stop a Ram Rider if you react quick enough. The P.E.K.K.A. and Mega Knightare also great counters because of their health and damage (Mega Knight knocks the Ram Rider back when he spawns, giving more time to destroy them). Place them near the Ram Rider or she’ll snare them, immobilising them and dealing massive damage on the tower.
  • The Ram Rider is very viable on defense, given the situation. She can completely immobilize troops, such as a golem, mini pekka, or any non swarm troop.

Hit Speed
Deploy Time
5 1.8 sec Medium (60) 1 sec Melee Buildings x1 Ground Troop Legendary

Rider Attributes

Hit Speed
Snare Duration
1.1 sec 5.5 Air & Ground x1 2 sec

Card Statistics

Ram Damage
Ram Charge Damage
Ram Damage per second
Rider Damage
Rider Damage per second
9 1,461 220 440 122 86 78
10 1,607 242 484 134 94 85
11 1,767 266 532 148 104 94
12 1,943 292 585 162 114 103
13 2,133 321 642 178 125 113
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Ram Rider
The Ram Rider card is unlocked from Hog Mountain (Arena 10) or a Legendary Chest.
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