The Log

The Log

Spell Cards By Clash Royal 2016-07-04 10:54:02

“A spilt bottle of turned an innocent tree trunk into ‘The Log’. Now, it seeks revenge by crushing anything in its path!”

  • The Log is unlocked from the Builder’s Workshop (Arena 6).
  • It is an Area Damage Spell.
  • The Log card costs 2 to cast.
  • When cast, The Log rolls through the Arena, dealing damage to any troops in its path and disintegrating after rolling for 9.6 tiles.

  • As a cheap spell, it can be used to damage multiple ground troops that come in your way, such as or .
    • It can be used as a counter to the .
  • It can be an alternative to , due to the very similar damage and radius.
    • The main differences are that The Log costs one less while being unable to target air troops. As such, it might be advisable to bring other splash damage to deal with the likes of and .
    • It can also be an alternative to Zap, as both of them have the same cost. However, they have drastically different effects.
  • If placed at the edge of the bridge, The Log can damage crown towers for reduced damage.
  • An important note is that a well placed The Log can eliminate a up to one level higher than it for a positive trade.

  • The Log was added with the 4/7/16 Update.
  • The Log is the only spell to have Legendary rarity.
  • Unlike other spells, it can only be placed in a player’s own territory.
  • The card’s description hints at it being created by the .
  • It is the cheapest Legendary card in the game and tied with Zap for the cheapest spell in the game, at 2 .

Target Width Distance Cost Type Rarity
Ground 3.9 9.6 2 Spell Legendary


Level Damage Crown Tower Damage
1 240 96
2 264 106
3 290 116
4 319 128
5 350 140