Troop Cards By Clash Royal 2016-02-22 11:28:00

As pretty as they are, you won’t want a parade of THESE balloons showing up on the horizon. Drops powerful bombs and when shot down, crashes dealing area damage.

  • This card is unlockable from the Bone Pit (Arena 2).
  • A powerful troop that, as in Clash of , targets Buildings, such as Crown Towers. It deals a high amount of damage with its explosives, and when it is destroyed, the Balloon releases a large bomb from underneath, that deals damage in an AoE (Area of Effect) to Buildings or troops in the explosion radius.

  • Most effectively used for taking out Towers, because of its high damage per second, coupled with the spell.
  • When a Balloon spawns, kill it as fast as you can. Its high damage can be punishing when it reaches your buildings.
  • are very effective at taking out Balloons. Their fast speed can get to it quicker and damage it more.
  • Distract Balloons by deploying Building kinds of , like the (which would also destroy it) and the (those are only examples, all Buildings work, as the Balloon targets them.)
  • Like the , it can also be used as a trap for Troops that can target the Balloon, as when it is destroyed, it drops a bomb that deals Area Damage.

  • The description is a reference to the popular Clash of commercial, Balloon Parade.
  • The Balloons death damage, regardless of level, is half of its DPS and 1/6 of its damage per hit.

Hit speed Speed Deploy time Range Targets Cost Rarity
3 sec Medium 1 sec Melee Buildings 5 Epic


Level Hitpoints Damage Damage per second Death Damage
1 1,000 600 200 100
2 1,100 660 220 110
3 1,210 726 242 121
4 1,330 798 266 133
5 1,460 876 292 146
6 1,600 960 320 160
7 1,760 1,056 352 176
8 1,930 1,158 386 193