Giant Snowball

Giant Snowball

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“It’s HUGE! Once it began rolling down Frozen Peak, there was no stopping it. Enemies hit are knocked back and slowed down.”

The Giant Snowball card is unlocked from Frozen Peak (Arena 8). It is an area of effect spell that deals low damage in a 3 tile radius. This spell slows all enemies within its radius for 2.5 seconds and will knock back all but the heaviest of troops. A Giant Snowball card costs 2 Elixir to cast.

  • The Giant Snowball is a 2 Elixir utility card that is an effective finisher against low hitpoint troops.
  • This card excels at disrupting enemy pushes by knocking them back and slowing them down briefly, giving you time to attack or defend.
  • Its knockback effect is the same as that of the Fireball; it is a true stun that resets attack animations. This is in contrast to a stun, which stalls attack animations but does not reset them.
  • The Giant Snowball’s knock-back mechanic can be used to force enemy troops into favourable positions. One example would be pushing a Princess into range of your Crown Tower. Another would be to split up a push so you can deal with it in smaller groups.
  • With help from the Princess Tower, the Giant Snowball can completely counter the Goblin Barrel with proper timing.
  • The Giant Snowball can activate the King Tower with a poorly placed Miner or Goblin Barrel.
  • The Giant Snowball’s knockback effect can reset an Inferno Dragon’s focus. However, this is not to be confused with a stun, as the Giant Snowball will not reset an Inferno Tower or Sparky.

Slow Duration
2 3 2.5 sec Air & Ground Spell Common


Area Damage
Crown Tower Damage
1 66 24
2 72 26
3 79 28
4 87 31
5 96 34
6 105 37
7 116 41
8 127 45
9 139 49
10 153 54
11 168 59
12 185 65
13 203 72
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Giant Snowball
The Giant Snowball card is unlocked from Frozen Peak (Arena 8). It is an area of effect spell that deals low damage in a 3 tile radius.
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