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“Duplicates all friendly troops in the target area. Cloned troops are fragile, but pack the same punch as the original! Doesn’t affect buildings.”

  • The Clone is unlocked from the Frozen Peak (Arena 8).
  • As stated by its name, it is a spell that clones troops. However, cloned units only have one hitpoint.
  • A Clone costs 3 to cast.

  • Since this spell’s cloned troops have very low health, a Zap, , , or can easily deal with them. This can create an .
  • Unlike , Clone duplicates every troop that falls in its area of effect.
    • The upsides to this is that Clone can make fragile, but strong copies of multiple troops at once for a low cost.
    • The downsides being that mass unit spawning may spread out, moving out of the Clone’s relatively small radius, resulting in the card not being fully cloned.
  • It is a good idea to clone a huge push as the clones do the same damage as the original.
  • It is beneficial to clone low hitpoint units such as to maximize their damage dealing capabilities without sacrificing any hitpoints, as the cloned units will also have low hitpoints like the original.
  • Clone pairs well with the , as the duplicates troops and the Clone then clones them, multiplying their numbers exponentially, yet this is a high-risk move as it can easily backfire if the opponent has the right counters.
  • It is a good idea to clone troops attacking the enemy Crown Tower(s) if the Tower had locked onto a high hitpoint unit or a Tank.
  • For P.E.K.K.A decks, it is useful to a that so 2 are beside the P.E.K.K.A. then Clone the 2 Witches so that 4 are beside it.
  • Cloning a on a tower can be devastating, but costly.

  • The container of this spell looks like that of a Dark Spell from Clash of , though the Clone Spell is an spell in Clash of .
  • Clone cannot duplicate previously produced clones.
  • Unlike its Clash of counterpart, the Clone only produces one clone of a troop regardless of its size; in Clash of , a single troop may produce multiple clones.
    • This is because of the differing mechanics of the Clone in both games. The Clone Spell in Clash of bases its mechanics off of housing space of individual troops, with higher level Clone Spells being able to clone more troops.

Cost Radius Type Rarity
3 3 Spell Epic


Level Cloned Common Level Cloned Rare Level Cloned Epic Level Cloned Legendary Level
1 6 4 1 1
2 7 5 2 1
3 8 6 3 1
4 9 7 4 1
5 10 8 5 2
6 11 9 6 3
7 12 10 7 4
8 13 11 8 5