Spell Cards By Clash Royal 2016-02-13 14:54:59

“Freezes troops and buildings, making them uable to move or attack. Everybody chill.”

  • This card is unlockable from the P.E.K.K.A Playhouse (Arena 4).

  • The Freeze spell can be used in combination with Balloons to deal immense damage to buildings, and Crown Towers. Once the is deployed, the Freeze spell is then cast on enemy troops and the targeted Crown Tower, spawned to protect their own Tower, but rendered unable to move or attack from the Freeze spell’s effects, whilst the deals extensive damage, and/or destroying the targeted Tower.
  • Freeze can also be used defensively to stop incoming troops such as a P.E.K.K.A, which can be devastating if it reaches your .
  • Freeze can also be used to for Hog Riders to freeze defending troops and Crown Towers. If done properly, a can dish out immense damage on its own while the freeze lasts.

  • A balance update coming on early February will decrease the Freeze Spell’s radius to 3 (from 4) and will increase its duration by 0.3 seconds per level (from 0.4 seconds).
  • The Freeze spell has the exact same characteristics as its Clash of counterpart.

Radius Cost Rarity Type
3 4 Epic Spell


Level Duration
1 5 sec
2 5.3 sec
3 5.6 sec
4 5.9 sec
5 6.2 sec
6 6.5 sec
7 6.8 sec
8 7.1 sec