Knight – The Ultimate Guide

Knight – The Ultimate Guide

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  • The Knight is lucked from the very first Tutorial Battle (Training Camp).
  • He is a melee troop with moderate HP and moderate damage. He is single-target troops.
  • When he is defeated, his sword falls and gets embedded in the Arena’s ground.
Cost Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Target Transport Rarity
3 1.1 sec Medium (60) 1 sec Melee Ground Ground Common


Level HP Damage DPS
1 660 75 68
2 726 82 74
3 798 90 81
4 877 99 90
5 963 109 99
6 1,056 120 109
7 1,161 132 120
8 1,273 144 130
9 1,399 159 144
10 1,537 174 158
11 1,689 192 174
12 1,854 210 190
13 2,039 231 210

Why you should use the Knight

  • He can be used in any cycle deck as he is cheap. Meanwhile, he can also be used in heavy decks as he is a semi tank. He has a role in every deck.
  • Compared to Ice Golem, Knight offers a great amount of damage for only 1 more Elixir.
  • The Knight is a low-risk card. He is not as much commitment as a Valkyrie or Mini P.E.K.K.A.
  • He is common so you can easily get him overleveled .
  • He can do great damage to the Tower If gets ignored. In low Arenas, most people underestimate him, leading to losing tons of Tower HP.
  • Last but not least, he is spell-resistant. He can even survive a Rocket, meaning you can use him on defense without worrying about any spell!

Knight on Defense

According to Wikipedia, Knight is meant to protect the King, and that is exactly what he does in Clash Royale (just kidding).

He really shines on defense and this is usually where he starts the journey to conquering the arena.

Here are some great ways to use him on defense in the current meta game:

Miner: The Knight usually takes 4 hits from the Miner before killing it. Try to predict the Miner placements to avoid suffering the chip damage. If your opponent uses only the Miner, the Knight will walk away almost untouched. Otherwise, If your opponent pair the Miner with other troops, use other troop or spell to deal with his combo.

Beatdown Decks: The Knight can soak damage and protect your glass cannons, which are doing damage to take out the opponent’s supports. This is called tank and spank. Just wait until the enemy supports cross the bridge, drop your Knight on the most threatening support troops then immediately drop your glass cannons or tank killers.

Royal Giant: This is very similar to how to defend against Beatdown decks. Just place your Knight on the bridge to soak damage coming from the backline, then place your high DPS troops down to take out the Royal Giant. You can also use a buildinig to minimize the Royal Giant damage.

Royal Giant: Similar to how to defend against beatdown. Place the knight on the royal giant to tank the backline, and place your other troops away from the knight where it can still hit the RG. A building is good if you want to really minimize the RG shots.

Lava Hound: Maybe you don’t believe but Knight can do a great job against Lava Hound decks. Using him to soak the Lava Pup is what you should do unless you want to take 1500+ damage. While soaking damage, he can also help you deal with the enemy ground units (most of the time Miner). If you are desperate, use him to kite Minions, Meta Minion, Inferno Dragon etc.

Hog Cycle: A lone Knight is not enough to deal with the Hog Rider. You need to pair him with something else such as Skeletons, Ice Spirit or a building to minimize the damage. If your opponent pairs up the Hog Rider with Fire Spirits, you can drop the Knight 2 tiles from the Tower to soak Fire Spirits damage and protect your Skeletons countering the Hog Rider.

Elite Barbarians: This is probably the best part of this section hehe. Needless to say, Elite Barbarians are super popular nowadays. A lot of players complain about overleveled Elite Barbarians but don’t forget that you can also overlevel your Knight!

Knight + Ice Spirit/Skeletons is surprisingly great at dealing with Elite Barbarians. Drop the Knight in the middle where both Towers can target the Elite Barbarians, followed by Skeletons/Ice Spirit. If your opponent pairs them with something else, don’t hesitate to spend the same amount of Elixir (or event a bit higher) to defend. If your Knight is 2 levels higher than the Elite Barbarians, he can shut them down by himself (upgrade him now!).

Knight on Offense

Here are some good uses of him on offense. Assuming that you have him alive with great HP after a successful defend:

Split Lane Pushing: Knight Three Musketeers are the most well-known deck for split pushing. Knight is cheap and tanky, this is exactly what the lone Musketeer needs.
A lighter version of this combo is Knight + split Archers. Assuming that you have a beatdown push on one lane and on the other lane you have Knight + Archer combo. Most of the time your opponent will ignore the Knight + Archer lane and deal with the bigger push, giving you a great opportunity to deal a lot of damage to the undefended Tower.

A quick tank: He is a great quick tank for so many things, Goblin Barrel and Graveyard for example. You can also play him right before your Lava Hound is above to explode because the Tower will target him. He plays the tank role very well in spell bait decks.

The Secondary Tank: He can support the Giant by following the Giant and killing the opponent’s counters. Once the Giant is killed, the Knight will act as the alternative tank of the push.

Great Interactions

I always love this section! Here are some good great interactions which can’t be missed!

On defense with the support from the Tower

  • Knight can solo kill Mini P.E.K.K.A, Lumberjack, Valkyrie, Dark Prince etc for the positive Elixir trade.
  • He can also tank out ranged troops such as Wizard, Bowler, Executioner etc for an even bigger positive Elixir trade.
  • He can take 1 Sparky shot with 99 HP left. Great trade If the Sparky is not supported by anything else!
  • He can solo kill the Bandit of course.

Bad/Fair Interactions

Any air unit -As mentioned above in the Lava Hound section, the Knight can kite/tank air troops. By placing him at the right time, you can prevent Mega Minion/Minions/Lava Pups from being devastating.

Swarm – He can be killed quickly by swarm when you are on the opponent’s side. A simple Spear Goblins can get this done. However, If you are on your side of the Arena, he is more capable with the help from the Tower. He can take out Goblin Gang and Skeleton Army with ease. Just remember that he needs 2 hits to kill Goblin.

Spawners: He is decent at taking damage from a spawner. You can pair him up with a ranged troop like Dart Goblin so you can easily take out those pesky troops.
Against Furnace, Fire Spirits will jump on him like crazy but he still can almost take out the Furnace If it is placed in the middle.

Winning Decks using Knight

Since Knight is a support card, we don’t have any specific deck revolving around him.

Here are popular decks in the current meta utilizing the Knight. Click at the deck name for more details!

  • Graveyard Poison: Graveyard, Knight, Poison, Skeletons, The Log, Archers, Furnace
  • Royal Giant Beatdown: Royal Giant, Furnace, The Log, Knight, Minions, Electro Wizard, Ice Spirit, Lightning
  • Three Musketeer Beatdown: Three Musketeers, Knight, Miner, Skeletons, The Log, Elixir Collector, Ice Spirit, Minion Horde
  • Spell Bait: Dart Goblin, Princess, Skeleton Army, Knight, Rocket, Inferno Tower, Goblin Barrel, The Log


The Knight is a very versatile card which can fits so many roles.

Surprise your opponents! Show them the value he can give you!

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