Lava Hound

Lava Hound

Troop Cards By Clash Royal 2016-06-27 10:39:06

“The Lava Hound is a majestic flying beast that attacks buildings. The Lava Pups are less majestic angry babies that attack anything.”

  • The Lava Hound is unlocked from the P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse (Arena 4).
  • It is a single target, short range aerial troop with very high hitpoints.
  • Upon death, it splits into 6 Lava Pups, which have no preferred target and deal more damage than the Lava Hound, but have very low hitpoints.
  • It only attacks buildings, has high hitpoints and splits into smaller units, similar to the . The exceptions are that the Lava Pups attack anything while the Golemites only attack buildings, and that each Lava Pup deals more damage than their parent – unlike the Golemites.
  • The Lava Hound appears to be a burning rock monster with an underbite, with short wings and small limbs. It has small rocky dog ears.
  • Sending the Lava Hound alone is futile. It is most recommended to use another ranged troop to support the Lava Hound.

  • Lava Hound is a good air tank with high hitpoints, so it is best used as a shield for weaker troops like , ,Spear , and .
    • Alike the , the Lava Hound does little damage on its own. Support it with high-damage – ranged, ideally.
  • The is an excellent counter to the Lava Hound, as it deals high damage to the Lava Hound while it doesn’t take much damage from the hound in return.
    • Back the tower up with a or use to finish off the Lava Pups.
    • Despite this, the Lava Hound may not be powerless. Send to distract/destroy the and the . This will allow the Lava Hound to continue its job!
  • If Lava Hound is paired up with another tank, a Crown Tower will likely target the other tank after killing the Lava Hound. If this happens, have an area damage spell ready, as the Lava Pups will spawn and deal incredible damage.
  • A Lava Hound is way more useful than a . The Lava Hound costs less , cannot be targeted by high-damage troops likeP.E.K.K.A or Princes. Also, Lava Pups are stronger than Golemites.
    • However, one disadvantage of it is the difficulty to obtain it, as Lava Hound is a Legendary. Also as it cannot be targeted by troops that cannot target air – such as , which means it cannot distract them.
  • The LavaLoon is a popular strategy where the Lava Hound tanks for a while it wreaks havoc on towers. It interestingly is also a good strategy in Clash of .
    • It can, however, can be countered by the with minor reinforcement(s).
  • The Lava Hound is not an ideal choice by itself, so you may want to back it up to do more damage.
  • Whenever defending against it, you must be very wise in deciding what to do. A Lava Hound can shield any troop effectively, and be ready for a whack-o-slam if your opponent has been putting Collectors.

  • The Lava Hound was added to the game on 3/5/16 with the May Update.
    • Since its introduction, it is the first Legendary that a player will be able to obtain, at Arena 4.
  • On 18/5/16, a Balance Update increased the Lava Hound’s hitpoints by 3% and Lava Pup’s hitpoints by 9%.
  • On 21/6/16, a Balance Update increased the Lava Hound’s damage by 28%.
  • Before it was added to the game, the only that cost 7 were the & P.E.K.K.A.
  • It is the most expensive Legendary card.
  • It functions just like its Clash of counterpart. A difference is that when the Lava Hounds get upgraded, the Clash Royale Lava Pups increase in stats, while Clash of Lava Pups increase in numbers.
    • Another difference is that the Clash Royale Lava Hound does not deal damage upon death, while the Clash of Lava Hound does do death damage.
  • Among all maximum level troops, Lava Hound deals the least damage per second, doing only 50 damage per second at level 5.
  • Lava Pups are similar to the , having similar hitpoints and equal in number, but only deal about half the damage.
  • Even if ignored, Lava Pups are powerful and deal equivalent damage to a tower as a being hit by the Arena Tower and Archers would do.
  • The Lava Hound may be a female, as it carries pups. However, this is not confirmed.
    • In a Clash of ad the Lava Hound is referred to as male and the pups’ father.

Lava Hound
Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Target Cost Count Type Rarity
1.3 sec Slow 1 sec 2 Buildings 7 x1 Troop Legendary


Lava Pups
Hit Speed Speed Targets Count
1 sec Medium Air & Ground x6


Level Lava Hound Hitpoints Lava Hound Damage Lava Hound Damage per second Lava Pup Hitpoints Lava Pup Damage Lava Pup Damage per second
1 3,000 45 34 180 45 45
2 3,300 49 37 198 49 49
3 3,630 54 41 217 54 54
4 3,990 59 45 239 59 59
5 4,380 65 50 262 65 65