How to Get 12 Wins in Mega Knight Challenge

How to Get 12 Wins in Mega Knight Challenge

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First off, here are some basic information of the Mega Knight!

  • He is the 7 Elixir tank with more HP than a Lava Hound and slightly less HP than a Giant.
  • He attacks troops and buildings.
  • When the target is between 4-5 tiles away, he leaps onto the target, dealing double splash damage. This is so devastating If the opponent uses Skeleton Army or Goblin Gang etc.
  • His DPS is pretty low. Slightly better than the Dark Prince.
Hit speed Movement Speed Deploy time Range Target Elixir Cost
1.8 sec Medium 1 sec Melee Ground 7


Level HP Damage Damage per second Charge/ spawn damage
1 3300 240 133 480
2 3630 264 146 528
3 3993 290 161 580
4 4389 319 177 638
5 4818 350 194 700

The Mega Knight seems to be somewhat of a combination of 3 cards.

  • The Electro Wizard with 360° splash damage upon spawn.
  • The Dark Prince with similar attacks and DPS.
  • Bandit with the charge, dealing x2 damage to the target.

Also, remember, he is not invulnerable while jumping. Troops like Minions, Bats, Inferno Dragon, Inferno Tower etc are still dealing damage while he is charging.

Tips on Using the Mega Knight

Since he targets both troops and buildings, he can be distracted pretty easily. However, don’t place troops like Ice Spirit or Skeletons 4-5 tiles away from him otherwise he will jump straight to them, dealing x2 splash damage (480 damgae). Not only that, he might have enough room to jump straight to the Tower.

So, in order to deal with him, treat him as a Bandit. Remember his splash damage tho. 1 Jump + 1 Hit are enough to kill Musketeers, Wizards etc. Which is similar to the Fireball + Zap/Log combo. So keep this in mind. Defending with Knight or Valkyrie is a lot safer than utilizing glass cannons.

His jump has the weight of a Fireball. And his attack has the weight of The Log.

Though he is easily capable of dealing a lot of damage because of how long he can stay alive, his actual DPS is very low so defensively he doesn’t really work like a P.E.K.K.A as a tank killer. Nor will he be that huge of a threat to answer.

Personally, I would not want to use the Mega Knight as a win condition.

A simple Knight + Ice Spirit or Knight + Skeletons combo should be able to shut down a lone Mega Knight with the help of the Tower. So you will want to pair him up with something else as a win condition, keeping it more as a control deck rather than beatdown deck.

That being said, I do see him working similar to a Golem as well, tanking for the supporting troops because an Inferno Tower will not be enough to stop him. He would simply jump on top of the Inferno Tower if not distracted. Neither Inferno Tower nor Tombstone will be effective vs him. A simple Zap or Fireball etc will negate the Inferno Tower!

In fact, I do not recommend using buildings in your deck at all except maybe a Collector if your is heavy. A building just creates a shortcut to the Tower for him.

Using cards like Goblins or Archers etc aren’t really that viable against Mega Knight because he has splash damage. You should treat him like a Dark Prince in this case.

Don’t play the Barbarians or Goblin Gang in front of him because he will kill them all in a few hits while tanking all of the damage.

Unlike the Dark Prince, he has over 3000 HP. You want to place the troops within his charge range in order to minimize the damage.

If you use a Knight, place him right when the Mega Knight crosses the bridge.

If you use Goblin Gang, surround Mega Knight once he crossed the bridge.

Air troops are a sure-fire way of counter but he will still be able charge to the Tower, dealing a lot of damage, somewhat like the Bandit and Cannon Card.

Mini P.E.K.K.A will be definitely the best counter in the game for the Mega Knight.

Reliable Mega Knight Counters

Troops which would work well with Mega Knight

Interactions with squishy troops (Ignoring the charge damage)

  • 1 hit: Skeletons, Goblins
  • 2 hits: Archers – will only have a few HP after first hit so zappable or Ice Spirit + Mega Knight hit will kill them.
  • 3 hits: Musketeer, Wizard, Ice Wizard, Witch and Electro Wizard
  • 4 hits: Night Witch

Best Decks for Mega Knight Challenge

 Below are a some decks I believe might be viable in the challenge tomorrow. Further along the way more decks will be added to the list once they’ve been tested out further.

Mega P.E.K.K.A

I got 12 wins with this deck

Quadruple Armor!

Honkerman got 12 wins with this deck

Mega Miner

Mega Hog

Will got 12 wins with this deck

Mega Graveyard

Mega Control

Challenge Overview

  • The total reward is up-to 27,500 Gold and 551 cards with 1 guaranteed Mega Knight at 12 wins.
  • If you only get 5 wins, no worries, you will earn 100 Gems, which is a free re-try of the challenge!


Number of Wins Total Prize One-time Rewards
Gold Cards
0 700 10
1 950 15
2 1,250 25 1,500 Gold!
3 1,600 43
4 2,000 65
5 2,500 93 100 Gems.
6 3,100 125
7 3,800 165
8 4,650 210 1 Giant Chest!
9 5,750 265
10 7,100 335 15,000 Gold!
11 8,750 430
12 11,000 550 1 Mega Knight!

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