Best Ways to Counter Prince

Best Ways to Counter Prince

Guides By Clash Royal 2016-03-30 07:38:59

is potentially the strongest car you can en counter when first starting the game. If left alone, a can  wreck a tower very fast. He is one of a few troops which can solo kill a Tower.

A lot of players don’t relize that is technically as ranged troop as he has 2.5 attack range. Versus a melee troop, it will have to walk up to him. His first strike when charging does double the damage.

  • Some players like using him as a mini tank since and are inffective.
  • Using is a nice way to counter but only when you placed her properly. Don’t drop her too late or too far, otherwise she will die or your Tower will take a lot of damage. Drop your immediately once your opponent drops his . You may also want to drop her in front of your King’s Tower to prevent opponent from // her when your King is sleeping. Also, by doing this, your will have enough time to sommon the second Skeleton wave before getting charged and be ready for the counter attack.
  • I always like dealing with by using cheap such as , , ,… and luring him to the middle. I recommend you reading my lure tips now.
  • You usually face + combo in lower and it seems very hard to counter… You can separate them with a pull since is slower and has a further attack range than . will be distracted by your pull but doesn’t. If you have or , use it to kill immediately while luring .
  • + Combo? Use small troops to lure the to the other lane!
  • If it’s too late to pull, you should use a cheap card in front of your Tower to pay more time. That way won’t have enough distance to charge up and do double damage to your Tower.
  • Don’t forget that you can also pull him with defensive building and is the most effective structure to counter the . You want to time it to have at least 2 Skeleton waves. If it’s too late to lure him to the middle, drop your in front of your Tower.
  • If you don’t have any small unit on your hand, you can still use tanky units such as , , , .
  • You can use Huts to counter but I don’t recommend dong this since it will give your opponent . But that’s great If you already had a Hut on the ground.
  • If the already hit your Tower, don’t ignore otherwise you will lose a crown. You wan to use , Spear , ,… to take him down as soon as possible and also set up a counter attack.