6 Tips on Increasing Battle Wins!

6 Tips on Increasing Battle Wins!

Tips and Tricks By Clash Royal 2016-01-22 13:18:52

1. Don’t be the first to attack

There’s plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t be the first to attack.

  • fill up your  – While you wait for your opponent to send a troop to attack, you’ll have a few precious seconds to recharge your and figure out who’ll you play to defend your buildings.So what if both of us is playing this strategy? I figured that most opponents get antsy after 10 seconds in the game, and start sending troops out. 10 seconds is plenty of time to full recharge your bar :).
  • Identify if your opponent has a strategy or not – You can establish if your opponent has a plan or not by the first troop they send out. Here’s a tip to see if your opponent is either mindlessly sending out troops or calculating a plan of attack. If they send out a troop that cost 4-5 elixirs on the first go, then follows up with sending another troop that costs 2-3 elixirs, they DO NOT have a strategy at all. Their strategy is to go guns blazing and hope for the best.Otherwise, people who are pretty switched on will send out a troop that’ll cost them 1-2 elixirs or their lowest troop to test out the waters. This is to see how you’ll react, imagine your opponent sending out a skeleton and you send out a mini P.E.K.K.A. and a . This displays you’re afraid and willing to waste elixirs to stop troops. Next time someone does this to you, let the crown towers take care of it, don’t be afraid to take some damage.

2. Don’t rush, take things slow

People get afraid and go into rush mode when they see even the littlest opportunity to rush. You have 3 minutes to either win or lose, take the time to understand your troops/spells and figure out your opponent’s strategy/motives. Build up your bar, and only send out troops that work together. For example:

  • + combo
  • + combo

3. Be versatile, commit to both sides

Prior to the Goblin stadium, I would focus on the left side and send all my troops to the left side. It worked, but doesn’t mean it’ll work after Arena 1. Anything above Arena 2-3 you should be versatile and be ready to send troops on both sides. If you only want to focus on one side, make sure you keep an eye out on what your opponent is sending to defend your attacks.

For example, if they’re sending out troops like Giants, knights, , etc to defend, then they’re committed to defending your attacks. However, if they’re sending out , archers, etc, be wary that they may be plotting to send their higher hitpoint/attack troops to the other side. I’ve had this happened to me plenty of times, and most of the time they win because you’ve already spent all your on one corner.

4. keep an eye out on your elixir cost average

You can have the best epic on your battle deck, but you have to understand, most epics use up 4+ and your regen isn’t going to cater for your exquisite collection of epics. Here’s a indicator of where your average cost should be:

  • Training camp – 2.8 to 3.0
  • Goblin stadium – 3.0 to 3.5
  • Bone pit – 3.5 to 3.8
  • Barbarian Bowl – 3.9 to 4.1
  • P.E.K.K.A’s playhouse – 3.9 to 4.5
  • Spell valley – ?? to ??
  • Royale Arena – ?? to ??

Take it the info with a grain of salt, as these numbers are indicators of what i’ve personally experienced or observed. This does not mean you have to upgrade your battle deck every time you’re in a specific arena, it’s just a key indicator of what you should be shooting for, in consideration of your troop level and your level.

5. Skeleton army = your defensive squad

If you’re lucky to obtain a troop card, make sure they’re equipped to your battle deck. can rip through high hitpoint troops like nothing. My suggestion is to ONLY use when you’re defending or trying to rip through meat shields. They are by no means good for attacking (unless you’ve weakened towers to 2/3 of the health.

6. Balance yourself at being the offense and defense

I’ve made this mistake earlier on the game, I was the aggressor and sent any troops I had, my bar would go from quarter full to empty in a matter of seconds, and I would pre-pull out the card because of the anticipation of rushing to destroy the crown towers/king’s tower.

Take advantage of the time that it takes for to reach your side. If is literally 4 footsteps away from your towers, send out the ! Most likely your opponent will use / which cost 3/4 elixirs, then send out your a fast movement troop to attack the towers.