The Definitive Guide to All Clash Royale Buildings

The Definitive Guide to All Clash Royale Buildings

Guides By Clash Royal 2017-01-25 20:26:55

Each of these buildings has unique, although sometimes similar, properties. Some of them spawn troops. Others have long range. Still others even produce !

We will be looking at their pros and cons.

This spawner lasts for a full minute and spits out two every 14 seconds. This means that you will get 8 in total. It costs 7 , so it is pretty expensive.

At standards, it has almost 2000 HP, and can easily counter and when facing 1 on 1.

However, due to the rise of the new metas, this card has been very unpopular recently, and is easily countered with spells or air units.

It cannot target air. However, this card does provide some some excellent chip damage and support for countering.

Setting it in the middle is a good position.

: Costs 5 , it produces a every 4.9 seconds and lasts for a whole minute, meaning that it can spit out 12 Spear in its lifetime.

It has 1,232 health, pretty modest, and because of it’s fairly fast spawn rate, it can allow a massive buildup of troops when targeting a tank such as , or God forbid a .

This also provides a steady stream of chip damage and is not bad for 5 .

The disadvantages are the same with : It is vulnerable to spells and can be easily countered.

Placing it behind the arena tower is advised.


At standards, it has about 1670 HP, and lasts for 40 seconds. It has the hit speed of 1.6 seconds, a little faster than the actual itself. It does 176 damage at standards, and its DPS is 110.

Surprisingly a little tanky, it is good for taking out swarms and kiting building troops.

Although weak to air, it is surprisingly resistant to most spells other than or .

Placing it in the middle is a good idea.

Fun fact: If you take out both and set it as close as you can to the King tower, if the opponent places a troop right next to the King tower, the splash damage can damage it. This has been confirmed many times.

Has a 5.5 range, a 0.8s hit, and lasts for 30 seconds. At standards, it has 742 HP, does 127, and has a total DPS of 158. It is cheap and costs only 3 .

This is the perfect counter to Hog, and can draw Balloons and Giants to it as well.

can outrange the and take it out. However, it is also good at taking out and small troops such as , Spear , and even Archers.

When protected, it can provide some serious damage at countering. A good example would be and Cannons against a charge of .

Fairly popular card.

Pretty self-explanatory. It produces . It is somewhat expensive, costing 6 . It lasts for 70 seconds and produces one every 8.5 seconds. This means it will give 8 in total. At standards, it has 1020 health.

This building is perfect for big pushes and beatdown decks such as or P.E.K.K.A.

Because of its cost, you might want to put it where it is not vulnerable to spells, , or . A good spot is right in front of the King Tower, in between the other . This is awkward for Miners and Rockets to go too. Miners will be subject to being crossfired by the two , and might even activate the King’s Tower. The same goes for .

Fairly popular card, as you can see why.

Spits out two every 10 seconds, and lasts for 50 seconds, meaning that it will spit out 10 spirits total. At standards, It has 1056 health and spawns level 9 , which is important because they will only die at two shots from an arena tower.

If left alone, it can chip away the tower for almost 850 damage. It deals with Hogs OK and can draw in Giants and Golems.

This building can spawn troops that actually attacks air, so if you don’t have or really any air defense card in rotation, you can use this against Minion Hordes. Just remember this: are ’ worst nightmare.

This card has been increasingly popular in the past (especially with most of my decks that you can search on CRA including :D). You can read more about it at here.

Costs 5 , and has a hit speed of 0.4 seconds, with a range of 6 and lasts for 40 seconds. At standards, it has about 1,400 health. It’s damage can range from 35 to 705, and its total DPS is 87-1,760.

With that insane damage, you might be thinking, well heck yeah! This building is the best!

But before you add this to your deck, here are some disadvantages.

  1. It takes time to get that insane damage. It needs to charge up.
  2. It can only target one thing and retargets slowly. This makes it vulnerable to large swarms of troops.
  3. It can be reset by Zap, a card that 90% players have in their decks.

Still, I love this card because of its ability to shred tanks. falls to its knees. P.E.K.K.A. follows next. Lavahound bursts in a fiery death. Even , the most tankiest of all, with a large of HP even the King Tower cannot compare to, bows down before this tower.

Costs 4 , has a hit speed of 5 seconds, a deploy time of 4 seconds, a range from 3-11, and to top that off, only lives for 30 seconds, meaning that will only get 6 hits off. No wonder that many people use it.

At standards, it has 1,272 HP, damage of 229, and a small total DPS of 45.

There are SO many counters to this card: , , , even . However, it does have a few advantages.

Because of its blindspot, this is PERFECT for pushes. It cannot target the , so it will hit the support units instead. Add in a tank killer and something else to kill the , and boi you just got something to counter Giants with.

Also with its long range, it can easily get a few hits off the Arena tower.

If it landed every single blow on the Arena Tower, it would do only 1,374 damage. Yep.

has a slightly expensive cost for 6 . It has the highest hit speed in the game (0.3 seconds), its deploy time is 4 seconds, and it has the lifetime of 40 seconds.

It has insane range, and although it does only 29 damage, it has a DPS of 86. If it locked onto the tower and never got hit, it will do about 3400 damage, more than enough to take a tower, and some more.

This card is usually used in siege decks, and although not enough alone, it can help take out a tower with some support and a tank.

Can be countered when alone, but of course users never send it alone. Sigh.

Cheap and is 3 , has a spawn speed of 2.9 seconds, and lasts for 40 seconds.

This allows 13 to spawn out and plus four more when it dies.

This card is very useful in many decks, such as Lavahound decks, and it can be a cheap counter to , , and Mini P.E.K.K.A.

When couple with or Archers, it is perfect against .

It can be countered with spells, and air troops, but I still think that this card is really good.

You can read more about at here.

The Telsa costs a good 4 . has a really interesting property. Besides the 0.8 attack speed, lifetime of 40 seconds, and its damage of 112 at standard, or a DPS of 140, it can hide underground when not attacking. This means that an enemy has to be in range for it to attack each other.

Good against small hordes and moderate health troops, it can draw , , and other building targeting troops once again, and if hiding, cannot be affected by any spells, except for one.

If frozen underground, it will stay underground. If frozen while attacking, it will stay open.