How to Spend Gems in Clash Royale

How to Spend Gems in Clash Royale

Guides By Clash Royal 2016-04-22 21:27:22

At first, let’s take a look at our , which can be found or buy in Clash Royale:

Name Unlocking time Gem Timer Description
Silver Chest 3 Hours 18 Fewest , most common. You can get Rare, Epic or even Legendary but they are extremely rare.
Golden Chest 8 Hours 48 Pretty popular, you can usually get 1 after every 5 wins. You can always obtain Rare from Golden Chest. Epic and Legendary are pretty rare. The Crown Chest is most likely the same as the Golden Chest
Chest 12 Hours 72 The Chest is a overstuffed version of the Golden Chest. You will obtain a lot of common , a few Rare and a small chance of Epic/Legendary .
Magical Chest 12 Hours 72 You can get a few Epic and Legendary from Magical Chest. How sweet!
Super Magical Chest 24 Hours 144 Tons of Common and Rare , couples of Epic , a few Legendary !

I don’t want to buy any Gem!

If you don’t want to purchase any Gem and want to be Free-to-play in Clash Royale.

Your goal in game should be getting level 3 Epic , level 6 Rare and level 8 Common , along with getting to Arena 7 to unlock all . This is very attainable for free-to-play players. In order to do that, you should:

  • You are not going to make regular purchases because this is free-to-play. Save your religiously and use them for 1-2 game-changing buys in the future.
  • Use 500 to purchase 10,000 . You can save up to 100 over the 1,000 Bundle by doing this. Use to upgrade your , soon, you will find it extremely hard to have enough in your progression.
  • Don’t forget to visit daily, spend your to purchase a few Rare everyday as the first ones are very cheap, you can even donate them and make profit. You can purchase the Epic card If you are really looking for it.
  • Just focus on only one Epic card you really want. Buy it 6 times and you can get it to level 3. That is 2,000 x 6 = 12,o00 .

Buying Big are very inefficient because you are not guaranteed to get what you want. Also, after that, you may even don’t have enough to upgrade the you opened.

I can sometimes buy Gems

  • A single purchase of can last for weeks or even months before you are out of .
  • After purchasing , you should immediately buy a bundle of (either 10,000 or 100,000 ). Just save the rest of your .
  • Use to open when you are full of .

The most common complaint I have seen so far in Clash Royale is players feel blocked they the chest row is totally full. 1 Gem in Clash Royale is roughly a penny so you are paying a quarter to open every Silver Chest. It’s better than opening in . Opening when your Chest row is full is much cheaper (it’s 50% discount on ). You need to spend 80-120 to buy Golden in the but you just need to spen 48 to speed up the timer. At Arena 8, speeding up the Magical Chest just costs 72 , that’s over 90% cheaper than buying in the .

If you want to optimize this a bit, open the Silver during the day and save , or Magical for overnights as you can get better discount for better .

When Should I Buy Chests in the Shop?

Although buying in the is very inefficient but it’s the fastest way to level you up and get all the in game.

You can reach level 5 in approximately a week of play and you can learn how to properly play the game during this time. Immediately rushing to high level is not good at all. These are the estimates of cost I did in case you want to level up asap (assuming that you can earn a few everyday from the free )

  • Level 5 to 6: $25 ($25 total, F2P takes 2 Weeks)
  • Level 6 to 7: $50 ($75 total, F2P takes 1 Month)
  • Level 7 to 8: $150 ($225 total, F2P takes 2 Months)
  • Level 8 to 9: $250 ($475 total, F2P takes 4 Months)
  • Level 9 to 10: $500 ($975 total, F2P takes 8 Months)
  • Level 10 to 11: $1000 ($2000 total, F2P takes 16 Months)
  • Level 11 to 12: $2000 ($4000+ total, F2P takes 32 Months)

When Should I buy Cards in the Shop?

Although it depends on your but first 3 Common , first 2 Rare and the first Epic are definitely worth the money. If you have purchased 100,000 with , getting the 2nd Epic Card for 3,600 is also pretty worth it. It’s much better than waiting for the next time you see it in the (about 1 month). Sometimes, I buy Rare up to 150 If it’s a good card and Common up to 20 If I really want to upgrade it.

Clan Donations?

Just donate whenever you can. You need and XP more than . I did write about this before, you can earn up to 4200 every week If your Clan is active.

Make the most use of Gems

I read this outstanding explanation from doorbelloflife today and really want to share it with you guys!

First please take a look at this . The spreadsheet turns out skipping the timer is the best options for Arena 5 and above. If you are below Arena 5, spending 500 to get 10,000 is much better!

  • Skipping Chest Timer in Arena 3: 2.02 Commons/Gem.
  • Buying from in Arena 3: 2.14 commons/Gem.
  • Buying Magic from in Arena 3: 1.44 commons/Gem.
  • Skipping Chest Timer in Arena 6: 3.09 Commons/Gem ===> Best
  • Buying from in Arena 6: 2.59 commons/Gem
  • Buying Magic in Arena 6: 1.73 Commons/Gem
  • Spending 60 to get 1,000 : 2.07 Commons/Gem
  • Spending 500 to get 10,000 : 2.48 Commons/Gem

In the SpreadSheet above, He expresses efficiency in term of Commons. For example, a Chest gives us 29 in Arena 7, which means you will get about 26.1 Common , 2.76 Rare , 0,13 Epic and 0.007 Legend on average. Assuming that 1 rare = 10 Commons, 1 Epic = 200 Commons, 1 Legendary = 4,000 Commons. This makes a Chest in Arena 7 has a value of 110 Common . It takes 48 to open this Chest immediately, which is 2.3 Commons/Gem + extra .

Magic Chest gives us less but has 2x higher change of getting Rare and 6.7x higher chance of getting Epic . After doing a few calculations, we can easily see that Magic are worth 3.26 times more than other ’ . You can see more details in this .

He determined how much a single card is worth by using the cost of in Clash Royale . A normal player buys 4 Commons and 1 Rare every day and at least 1 Epic every week. On average, 1 Common = 8.05 .