Tips from Top 1 Player xSCWx

Tips from Top 1 Player xSCWx

Tips and Tricks By Clash Royal 2016-04-07 11:34:04

General Tips

  • The King’s Tower only gets activated when you destroy an Arena Tower or when you hit it. In most cases, you want to avoid triggering it. Be careful when you use your splash damaging !
  • Sometimes, you enter the battle with a Hog half way to your Tower. Wonder why? Just tap on your screen when it is showing the names of you and your opponent then you can see the battle immediately.
  • The middle of your side of the map is the kill zone. You should lure the enemy troops away from your Towers -> You will be able to get more hits before it reaches you. You can even lure them to the other side (Read more about this at here).
  • Sometimes, If you don’t have any good card to defend, it’s better to launch a push on the other lane.
  • The King’s Tower has a lot of more HP than the . In most cases, don’t focus on attacking it to get the 3 crown win.
  • Clash Royale troops have a deployment time. You should try to remember this because it impacts the gameplay a lot. For example. when you drop your to deal with an approaching in front of, you can counter it. But If place your Dragon into the middle of a , it will be killed immediately. Knowing the deployment time helps you playing game much easier.
  • Hold your finger down on a card and you can see how HP it has and how much damage it does. This is very useful when you want to use your Spells to take down weakened Tower,
  • Sometimes, trying to defend to get a tie is recommended If your opponent can fully counter your deck!

Deck Building Tips

  • Let’s assume that you get attacked by Hog and defend with Archers and . Your opponent spends 8 while you spend just 7. He could probably deal 300-1500 damage to your Tower (depending on how good your defense is) but all 8 he spent is just gone now while your is still alive. At this point, he is behind you by 1 . After some good trades like that, you will have enough to launch a huge push when he just can’t defend. But truly sometimes It’s not just about Positive Trades or Win Conditions. This game is very complex and you are trading troop HP, Tower HP,…
  • My best advice for deck building in Clash Royale is to experiment. Keep testing good decks and watching your replays!

Using cards

  • :  He is very great at damaging buildings, especially when get coupled with , , , ,… He can be countered by buildings in the middle of the map and high damage troops (Mini P.E.K.K.A, , , , ,…).
  • is the best card for countering groups of small troops. There is not much thing to say about it as it is one of the most popular in game and very easy to use. You can use (to defend most of the time) to deal with , , ,… and (except level 6 ).
  • : Excellent high damage card! Don’t place her in front of a charging otherwise he will 1 hit her. It’s better to take damage than donating 4 ! She is extremely greaet at dealing with , and dealing standalone damage. She is good on both offense and defense, she synergies with everything in game. and any high HP troop can 1 hit her.
  • : She does good damage in an circle arena around her. You can probably drop her right in the middle of swarms or between and her . She is great with also. You can deal with her by using high damage troops or air troops.
  • is great against big group of troops which are damaging you. On offense, people usually use it with Hog, , P.E.K.K.A and . Sometimes you may want to use on offense to deal with and swarms then let your support troops finish the job. The best way to counter is to drop your troops wide.
  • : At the highest level, you can get up to 7 later after buying it with 5 . I think you always should place it first in the middle of your side. If you place it behind your Tower, the opponent can it and deal additional damage to it and your Tower. Don’t place it too close to your King Tower because it won’t lure Hog, , and . Just don’t place it more than 2 tiles in front of your King’s Tower as it will be vulnerable to attacks from the river.
  • Skeleton: Good damage, super low cost and low HP. It is pretty similar to . If you can keep them alive, they can definitely deal a lot of damage. They are very good against Hog pushes.
  • P.E.K.K.A: She is tanky, his hard but very slow. She is great against Dual , , ,.. and very weak against swarms and .
  • : Cheap tanker who deals surprisingly good damage. In most cases, I drop him on squishy ranged troops (, , ,…) once they cross the river. He is very good for split pushes and weak against air troops and .
  • : is great on both offense and defense. You can target multiple units with it. Just like , there is not much thing to say about !
  • : She summons Skeleton in front of her and does splash damage. She is also great on defense, especially against or . The best way to counter her is to drop anything on her once she crosses the river.
  • : This card can be effectively used against any single targeting troops like P.E.K.K.A, Mini P.E.K.K.A, , , ,… This army can be easily countered by splash damaging units. If your opponent uses to deal with your push, most of the time you don’t want to use as your troops could deal a lot of damage before the hits.
  • Archers: They hit air troops and deal decent amount of damage with their good attack range. This card is very cheap at spreading troops out versus Hog or . One of the best to deal with !
  • Mini P.E.K.K.A: Great damage, pretty low HP and single target. This card is very useful when get coupled with and at countering . It’s also pretty great at split push as it deals a lot of damage with gets ignored. You can easily counter it with air troops and small swarms.
  • is a great splash damaging card. It can’t hit air troops. People usually drop him behind and . He is great at dealing with , Spear , and swarms. You will always want to play him behind a tanker.
  • : One of the main tankers in Clash Royale. He goes for only buildings. is very good at soaking damage and protecting small high damage units behind. You can deal with him by using or high damage troops.
  • : Very high damage troop. Just don’t drop anything squishy directly in front of the . Sometimes you can use him on offense to deal with Hog then launch a counter push right after that. He is strategically played when gets coupled with and .
  • The way we use him is pretty similar to the . He is tanky and has a shield which soaks some damage. He deals splash damage to anything in front of him. It’s recommended to use him with , P.E.K.K.A or . You can counter him with big tankers like or P.E.K.K.A.
  • : This card is pretty similar to above.
  • Spear : They are very cheap, hit air troops and have nice attack range. On offense, you always want to send them behind tankers. Spear are great in any Zap Decks to finish off .
  • : Hut that spawns Spear . Hut can be effectively used for setting up pushes. The best way to counter is pushing the other lane. Using to damage Hut and Tower nearby is also very great.
  • is usually coupled with as a part of Hut Decks. I don’t think it’s necessary to play them together most of the time. By using , you can keep constant pressure on one lane. Probably the best way to play this card is placing it in front of your King’s Tower.
  • : This card can deal a ton of damage If ignored. You can easily counter them with and or you can drop some troops nearby to kill them quickly.
  • : This card is effective used to finish off 3 Musketeers, Hut Decks, , , , ,… I strongly recommend using it when you can damage at least 2 targets.
  • : Low HP, good damage and target both ground and air units. This card is very useful in many decks since lots of troops cant’ target air units. It is also great in decks which uses a lot of small units (control decks). can be countered by , Zap and splash damage dealing units.
  • : can’t hit air troops but it’s very great against ground swarms. It’s very great against Hut decks, , ,… You can use air units or to deal with it.
  • The can be used to help pushing lane a bit. It’s very great at luring defensive building targeting units, , P.E.K.K.A, ,…
  •  is 1 tile less sensitive than hog at being lured toward the middle. If your opponent drops 2 tiles in front of his King’s Tower and you drop your at the very corner, your will not get lured, but the Hog will. Anyway is a bit more expensive than Hog but most players find it harder to deal with as it’s an air unit. synergizes very well with other air units and the . You can use any troops that hit air to deal with . Just remember to spread them out in order to deal with .
  • : He can deals a lot of damage in the arena after he dies. This card is very useful at countering opponents who commit to all in attacks, especially from low and medium HP units. He is very strong with get coupled with splash damaging units. The best way to deal with him is to lure him with your small troops to the other side.
  • : If you play in the very middle of your map, you can split them into 2 groups and force your opponent to either defend both sides or take a lot of damage. It’s pretty valuable to play as an opening card because you can commit to the side your opponent defends poorly. They are also very useful on defense against Hog, P.E.K.K.A, , , ,…
  • : The hits ground troops only. It’s a very low cost card you can use to lure Hog, , ,… away from your Tower. You can counter it by using air units and .
  • This is definitely the highest Crown Tower damage Spell in game. People usually use it with siege decks. Sometimes it’s extremely useful on offense when your opponent goes all in against you. You can drop your to damage the enemy , leave him with red HP and deal additional damage everything else nearby. When play against decks, place your buildings in the middle and place your troops in front of your Towers so they won’t get hit by !
  • : users usually want to protect it with other defensive buildings. Spells work very well because anything defending it will likely be almost directly on top of it.
  • is a 4 siege unit. The way people play it is pretty the same to but it’s much cheaper and have more options to defend.
  • : This can be played as a part of a slow push with P.E.K.K.A, and Hut Decks. If your opponent drop , It’s almost likely he is going all in his .
  • : It’s 5 for 6 ! If your opponent has , you may want to use them defensively most of the time. Don’t send them in alone If you don’t want to trade 5 with the 3 . If you are launching a push and you know your opponent will defend with , you may want to send early in hope of killing them before they deal a single damage.
  • : deals splash damage, slow enemy troops and is good against small swarms. You can kill him for cheap with something like once he crosses the river.
  • Telsa: You can it so it can’t pop up, lure and damage your Hog/. It’s more expensive than but it hits air troops. Timing Spells to destroy it is very important. Sometimes you should just ignore it by drop your .
  • : can devastate in just 1 shot If you can timing it right. He is effectively used against small units, swarms and behind tankers. You can drop your Spell to kill him and also deal additional damage to something else.
  • : Use it when you want to play the same card again for 1 extra . It’s recommended to play it to a card which is hard to counter as you are overpaying to begin with. It works pretty well with , , ,…
  • Spell: Great against small troops. is also a great choice to play against Hog and . It’s nearly nothing you can use to counter this. Just don’t drop your troops on the and try to spared your troops so they won’t get hit.
  • is the tanker of all tankers. You can use him on defense by placing him in front of the Dual . He deals extra damage upon death and explodes into 2 HP small Golems (Golemites), which can also deal damage when they die. Playing him as a part of a slow push is the best choice as you will have enough to get high damage troops behind him. People usually use him with and high damage ranged troops. Best which can deal with him are Inferno and P.E.K.K.A.
  • : She has an impressive attack range as she can shoot from across the river. She deals splash damage and can be used to counter and .
  • : A tanky unit which has nice damage but it’s a pretty stupidly designed unit. Do you want to place your tanker in the back of your push?
  • 3 Musketeers: Similar to . Best ways to counter them is using , and .