How to Counter Freeze Combo on Clash Royale

How to Counter Freeze Combo on Clash Royale

Guides By Clash Royal 2016-03-20 00:24:37

We know some player love or hate this strategy with combo and today we will teach you how to counter this combo.

  1. Dont place your troops until the opponent play the Spell Once you know the opponent have  Spell, you will be ready for the next time he places it.
  2. If the or  is attacking your defensive building card dont drop your troops immediatly.
  3. Dont place any building next to your Crown Towers. Is not a good idea because opponents can destroy them with one spell card like , lighting or . If you want to place building then place in the middle of your base.

The enemy troops Ballon or  only deal damage to your Towers and Buildings you can take the advantage of this. The opponent Have spent 4 for the Spell and is not ready to defend and Make a counter attack with your survived troops. Be Smart with your counter attack. Dont place either  or  If you know the opponent have Air Troops.